David Martin

A slight man, balding with horn rim glasses and a pencil behind his ear and a pad of paper in his hand.


David Martin grew up an inquisitive man. He came from the Dallas Refuge Zone where he spent many hours a day reading everything he could on anything he could find. Many scavenging trips to various bookstores and libraries aided this thirst for knowledge. Unfortunately, local gangs didn’t have the same appreciation and the scrawny librarian type came to Camden Crossing seeking refuge and shelter. He found more than those things, for it was here he found Sarah, his wife.

Now, ten years later, David has become Mayor as well as the local newshound. He put together a ham radio rig using his knowledge of electronics and with this connection to the outside world, he prints a weekly newsletter using a scratch-built printing press. This ability to contact others also allows the community a little advanced notice to dangers headed their way, something the Mayor has been working to expand by building radio rigs for the surrounding communities as well. Overall, David Martin is well thought of by most within the community and surrounding lands.

David Martin

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