A hard man that doesn't take arguements from anyone. His eyes are never seen, but the feeling that he is watching everything around him is palpable.


Full Description:
Tall and Lanky with wind tossed blondish-brown hair and deeply tanned skin. He has no visible tattoos, but wears a deep scar runs from just below the outside corner of his left eye to the corner of his mouth. He is typically dressed well in starched blue jeans and a white collared shirt. A grey stetson hat and steel tipped snake skin boots round out the cowboy persona. His Oakley sunglasses cover his eyes while his hand rarely strays far from the .45 in a cross draw holster on his left hip or the bullwhip on his right.

No one knows his real name, or the color of his eyes, but Warden is unmistakeable to those he deals with, whether guard, customer, or slave. Warden came into the position of head honcho at Aberdeen the natural way… he inherited it. His father had been Warden, and his father before him. Several generations of the same family have held the job, but it was the current Warden’s father that turned the prison into a slave camp. The Warden’s have profited greatly from his decision.

Warden got his disfiguring scar during a slave riot two years in the past. A mutant slave managed to push through the Warden’s personal security, and with a piece of glass, savaged his tormentors face. In return, the mutant and the entire security team were forced to face off against one another until only one remained, the mutant. The Warden had his tongue removed and his hands crippled so that he would never tell of what he saw, then made the mutant his house slave, to be tormented at his master’s pleasure.


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