Krega Energy Weapons

Energy Weapons of the Krega

weapon (ranged)

Krega Energy Weapons
Advanced Firearm (Understanding/Shoot)

Type Dam Max Rng Cap Rld Hands Burst
Energy Pistol 12L Short 10 1 1 No
Energy Rifle 18L Long 20 2 2 Yes

Not much is known about the Krega Energy Weapons. They are slide over the limb (just the hand for the pistol, the forearm for the rifle) and reloading the weapon seems to involve the Krega’s mental abilities somehow, for evidence has shown their defences are reducedwhile they reload. Unfortunately, due to the way in which the weapons are carried and the almost symbiotic nature of the weapon to the Krega, humans are not able to use these weapons.

Krega Energy Weapons

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