Quick heal


The recipient gains two effects upon applying Regenix.

1) The recipient immediately heals 4 boxes of Lethal Damage and/or 8 boxes of Non-Lethal Damage.
2) The recipient is under the effect of the Regeneration Mutation for 24-hours.

Should the recipient take multiple applications of Regenix within 24-hours, he receives the benefits of the first effect at half-strength, and receives a -1 to his Agility and Muscle Ability Score per additional dosage within 24 hours. This penalty does not go away until the final dose’s 24-hour period expires.


A medical Remnant organization, the Cadecus, found that by combining certain drugs with a combination of mutated flora, a paste could be created that closed wounds and promoted healing to the extant that cuts culd be healed in mere minutes, rather than days. The discovery was not a cure all, internal injuries and broken bones were largely unaffected, but it does aid in long term recovery after such injuries have been tended to.


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