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I hsve been considering a campaign in the world of Atomic Highway. A world that takes liberally from movies like Mad Max and The Book of Eli, games like Fallout, and earlier pen & paper RPG’s like Gamma World. But, every time I thought of campaign ideas, it came back to the same tropes. Wanderers making their way across a war-torn landscape. Then I saw the movie Skyline. Dear God, what a HORRIBLE movie! I mean, I like a B-Movie, but this was ridiculous. But, it made me think. One scene of the movie had a nuke strike on the alien invaders. A nuke strike the ship survived. Same thing happened in Independence Day and Mars Attacks!. Mankind’s greatest weapon, and it was nothing to the visitors from space.

So I thought, what if a massive nuke strike took out the invaders, leaving a few alive and stranded. How would they react without the support of their starships? How would they deal with no contact with their homeworld? And with such a large nuclear engagement that involved nuclear powers the world over, how would the people and world be affected? So now I have Wanderers making their way across a war-torn landscape dealing with a lingering alien menace with their superior technology. Something different indeed!

It is said that there are no original ideas left. This may be true, but if you blend older ideas together, the admixture may constitute something that has not been seen. Therefore, I present below a few of the books, shows, movies, etc that have influenced my thinking and that I have “borrowed” from. My thanks to the original authors and creators.


  • Defiance
  • Fallen Skies


  • Skyline (what NOT to do)
  • Independence Day
  • Aliens
  • Mad Max 2, the Road Warrior
  • The Book of Eli

Video Games

  • Borderlands 2
  • Fallout
  • Fallout New Vegas

Role Playing Games

  • Atomic Highway (Duh)
  • Shadowrun

More to come

Gamesmaster's Overview

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