An Atomic Highway Campaign

A Historical Overview

2013, the year that changed everything.

Conflicts were erupting all over the planet. Skirmishes between North and South Korea; terrorist actions in Africa, the Balkans, the south Pacific; religious strife in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. It was a year of small scale battles.

Then, the Krega arrived. They appeared friendly… at first. But that friendliness was a veil, and within days, the conflicts between members of the human race came to an end, for a short time at least. All attention focused on surviving humanity’s first contact with an alien race.

The Krega were seemingly unstoppable. humanity’s weapons were useless against the force shields the alien’s possessed. Their energy weapons easily outmatched anything man-made. And their spaceships… their spaceships destroyed everything thrown at them.

Everything, that is, except the nukes. The nation of India was the first to launch a nuclear warhead at a Krega Mothership. The blast overcame the ship’s defenses and it hurtled into the Indian Ocean. From there, the other nuclear nations took their cue and massive strikes were made in a single day to destroy the alien invader.

The plan worked, and yet…

In the end, the Krega motherships were brought down, many outright destroyed. The Krega however, had many survivors, and these survivors banded together and created numerous strongholds throughout the world. Worse for mankind were the after effects of such an attack. A large portion of the human race died in the initial strikes, with many, many more succumbing to the radiation fallout. After that came years upon years of trying to survive nuclear winter. After five decades, the Earth’s population is only about 15% of what it was. Animals fared even worse, and much of those that survived, human or otherwise, were badly affected by the fallout. About one-in-ten births involve mutation of one form or another. Some even standardize to create a whole new sub-category of human or animal species.

The world is a different place. There are no real nations, only places where people band together for mutual protection, or a warlord steps forward to rule a land. People have emerged from hiding and are trying to make the best of things as they can, but life is not easy. Between the threat of starvation, radiation zones, raiders, and worst of all Krega attacks, it is a wonder mankind will make it another five decades.

We, the survivors of this holocaust, this Armageddon, can only hope our children can hold out that long and make this world their own.

Surviving the Alien Apocalypse

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